Alpha Pawn frequently asked questions and policies.

How does a pawn loan work?
Customers bring in an item of value, and the pawnbroker offers a loan based on a percentage of the item’s estimated value. The pawnbroker then keeps the item until the customer repays the loan with interest and any additional fees that may apply.

What if I have bad credit?
To Alpha Pawn someone without credit isn’t a ‘bad person.’ They are just like anyone else that needs a little cash to get them through certain times. We will make you a loan on your items if you have bad credit, or no credit.
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How much money can I get for my item?
Our experienced staff bases pawn loan amounts on the value of your item. That means the current appraised value, the condition of your item and the ability to sell the item.
Can a pawnshop sell my pawned item?
A pawnbroker is not able to sell a pawned item until the borrower fails to redeem or renew their pawn loan at the end of the contracted period.
More than just the money...
Alpha Pawnbrokers strives to provide an incomparable customer experience coupled with the knowledge and service necessary to create a mutually gratifying pawn shop visit. We hope to convey to our customers the want, trust and desire to return again and again to Alpha Pawn.
We are a proud part of the Phoenix community and understand our area and its people. It gives us the greatest satisfaction to help out our customers and perhaps give them a moment to "breathe again"
Next time you need some quick cash stop by Alpha Pawn and discover why we are "The Friendliest Pawnbrokers in Town" No kidding!

Firearm Purchases
Alpha Pawn is a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL)

We will only ship firearms to other licensed FFL gun dealers. Simply find a licensed gun shop that we can safely ship your firearm purchase to. Your gun shop will conduct any necessary Federal or State background checks for you at their location and hand your firearm over to you.

A Federal Background check is required to purchase a firearm at Alpha Pawn.
Tips for getting more value for your items:
TOOLS: Clean your tools: if your tools are covered in grease or mud, this will also very negatively impact the value of your tools at our pawn shop. Include battery packs if applicable.

DIGITAL CAMERAS: Selling a digital camera? Be sure that you have all the accessories that originally came with the camera when it was purchased new. IE: battery charger, USB cord, Memory / SD card, and camera case and or box. 
Tip: Delete all your old photos from your digital camera. Replace the batteries or recharge your camera if necessary. Our staff at Alpha Pawn needs to ensure that your camera functions and a "dead" camera it is difficult access a fair value if at all.

COMPUTERS: Be sure all your personal data files, like usernames or passwords, videos, photos etc. are deleted from the hard drive of your computer. Bring along any computer accessories like monitors, keyboards, mice, and power cords. 

FIREARMS: Clean and oil your firearm if possible. Bring along any documentation, accessories: like holsters, extra magazines, scopes and gun cases. Please be sure your firearm is in safe condition and unloaded prior to stopping in to Alpha Pawn.

WATCHES: Any documentation, watch case or original packaging will add to the value of your watch. Any past appraisals will help as well. Clean your watch and make sure it is functioning.

JEWELRY: Clean your jewelry. Original boxes will add to the value. Don't forget any items like additional links etc. Bring in any information about the jewelry items you may have in with you to Alpha Pawn.
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