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Probably the best pawn shop I've ever been to. They have a mix of everything and are fair on pricing. I didn't feel like I was getting gouged or nickled and dimed to death. I would recommend this shop. Sam C.

Nice cozy spotnot to far from my house. I go here often. Cheflee A.

Went in here on a whim and was so glad we did! The owner couldn’t be nicer. Bought a gorgeous rug and a fishing pole don’t 5 year old could try fishing. The owner threw in another pole and a bucket filled with fishing supplies. Both thumbs way up.
Denden K.

Great people & great place to shop!  I highly recommend this company. Patricia H.

Love this place. Very knowledgeable and a wide organized variety of items. Easy access. Safe. Clean. Sean and staff are very compassionate and will work with you. I like this place better than most 2nd hand stores. Go there! You'll see. Jane K.

I live right around the corner, we stopped by to pawn item's. They are so kind and honest.I pawned my droid cell phone the owner gave me such an incredible price$$$$ thank you Alpha Pawn!!!! Violet Z.

Best pawn shop in Phoenix. Staff very friendly and fast. Nate G.

Although Alpha Pawn & Jewelry may be a small shop, and not as newly constructed as some of the major pawn chains, the staff there are absolutely the best I have dealt with.Very reasonable on pawns and also it is a great place to purchase used goods that are in excellent condition. The best part is the prices blow the major pawn shops out of the water! David B.

Good service, excellent staff friendly and knowledgeable in what they do. Blake L.

Excellent service, Clean and ready to help. Their girl Ceni was on point and help me in a pinch. Will for sure be recommending them for any Pawning needs. Jarad C.

Quick, easy, and transparent process. Friendly and welcoming staff. Great selection and fair prices for both buying and selling. Easily my first recommendation for anyone looking for a pawn shop. Joseph H.

This is my third time coming here... And for a reason. These guys really make the whole experience quick, painless and pleasant! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Shannon

Did an FFL transfer here and it was as smooth as can be. Shipped Monday, arrived Tuesday, picked it up today (Wednesday). Excellent service and knowledgeable staff. Christopher W.

Great place!! Wonderful staff and fair payouts.. They have anything u might need. Erin C. 

With awesome stuff, great prices and good people, it's a solid place and I recommend dropping in to take a look around. 
What's more is that, while making the rounds trying to locate things burglarized from my home, they were calming, reassuring, and did their best to try to help. That kind of empathy and kindness isn't lost on me, and I'm extremely grateful for it. Wyatt M.

The staff at Alpha Pawn has amazing customer service. Their interactions and friendly nature really puts these guys on the map. Always willing to work with you to the best of their abilities.highly recommended. Chris P.

Sean runs a great shop! Awesome customer service! Thanks for making a deal with Ruth-Ann and I! Lots of cool stuff for sale! Aldo Q.

I sold some power tools and expected only $50 out of it and walked out with $70 which was a $20 difference. I totally refer these guys. They definitely try and get you the best deal possible. Christopher P.

My first time here and it was awesome. They great you as you come in. Talk to you while they work with you instead of just ignoring you like some of the other places. They worked with me and helped me get what I need. Will definitely always come back and tell every one I know!! Kaitlyn M. 

Very professional, and upstanding ppl to work with. Glenn P.

Place is awesome they're straight up with you and don't try and lowball you if you've got something of value they got you for sure. D. Vasquez

Nice friendly place good prices, they have that personal touch that don't lose you in the process like most places out to make a buck! Two thumbs up! F.A.

Thanks alpha pawn!!Great and friendly experience. Knew we we're in a bind and really worked with us. Won't hesitate to return if need be. C. Mckethan

These guys are awesome. Very reasonable and, honest. Looking for pawn shop come here. Was our first time and, if I need pawn again this will be the place. No wait time and respectable service. Thanks Alpha. A. Lama

Purchased everything I had to offer and have a fare price. Staff was patient and welcoming - would definitely go there again.
JB Gingerich

Alpha Pawn was a positive experiencejust as all the other reviews stated. It was well kept & clean. Cieny was friendly without being fake. She quickly assesed my item & gave me a fair price$. Over all it was Short & Sweet. Unlike most every pawn shop I wasn't haggled down and completely ripped off, 5 star's for Alpha & Cieny!
J. Beucler

The people in this business are honest. It is very difficult in this day and time to find honest people in the world. But you can find them here. They are especially kind and considerate of your needs and will go above and beyond to meet and exceed your needs. Their professionalism coupled with natural human caring and consideration of one's situation is refreshing and unremarkable. Undeniably the best place to go in all of Phoenix and the greater metro area.
H Patton 

My experience here was great! Thumbs up! This was my very first "pawn store" experience, and I went here based on the 5 stars. It was close to where I lived and I always like to shop in my area, instead of going out of the area.

As soon as I walked in the door, I saw the cleanliness of the store and was immediately at ease by the friendly greeting from Dan. I wasn't sure the value of my items, but I had a ball park kind of idea of what the items would fetch if I sold them, instead of pawned them. Dan took a look at my items, and gave me a fair deal. It's what I thought I could get, so I am pleased.
L Lacy

I bought a Vector torch kit from them for $150! no joke! Works like a champ! They were willing to open a little earlier then usual, for me to come in. The best experience at any pawn shop I ever had! The man was very nice, will definitely recommend it!
AZ Engineer

Truly a one of a kind pawn shop... I was treated with respect and properly spoken to, not merely talked at. As far as the items they have... I could've easily spent a few hours just looking, it's a great mix of old and new... They've got my business for life, even being 30 mins from my house. Thanks guys!!
G DeStellano

If you have any gold to get rid of, this is the place to go! Also friendly folks, easy to talk to.
M Jarvis

Love this place funny staff and super nice and helpful.
P Perez

I have been searching for an affordable ceiling fan for several months and finally found it, brand new and in the box.
B Davis

I never walk into a pawn shop. but when i did i found the exact thing i was looking for and at a great price. and the employee was nice and helpful. Thank you.....Alpha Pawn
D Neang

Love it... Great stuff and great employees.. Wonderful vibe!!!
E Moraga
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